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Identify all of your target accounts in any industry, in SMB, Mid-Market, or the Enterprise.


Quickly build and download prospect lists with full company and contact info.


Know when new prospects enter your ideal prospect criteria.

Instant access to millions of Digital decision makers.


Current Titles, Emails, Phone Numbers, and 10+ additional fields.

  • Full company and contact info, including verified email addresses and phone numbers
  • Each record is scored based on fit to your customer persona and buying signals
  • Search for prospects by company, contact data, hire date, or a prospect’s responsibility

Auto verification of every prospect.


Proprietary contact info verification process.

We perform the highest level of email verification possible – sending actual emails. We then either remove or update any bounces or dead ends.

Most emails are verified at least once per month for accuracy


Automatic Lead Enrichment.

Enrich all new incoming leads in Salesforce instantly and automatically with data like full title, location, revenue, social media, phone, and email address.


Real-Time Triggers on high value prospects.

Receive up to the minute alerts when customers move to new companies, high value prospects change roles, and new prospects are hired that fit your target criteria.

Seamless Salesforce integration.

Push to Salesforce in one click.

Prospects can be pushed to Salesforce individually or en masse. Includes the prospects’ full contact info, including current Title, Company, Location, Phone, Email, Social Media, and other fields.

Leads enter your existing assignment workflow.

Each prospect in the platform is scored specific to your target customer. The highest value prospects can then be pushed automatically to your team.

New Lead Enrichment.

Any new lead that is created in Salesforce is automatically enriched by ReIntent with fields like complete Title, Location, Email Address, Social Media, Industry, and Revenue.
Our Sales & Marketing teams needed access to buyers in a new space and needed as much intelligence on these accounts and contacts as possible. We use ReIntent to quickly provide very accurate leads with complete contact info and a real reason to reach out. Using ReIntent makes lead generation and qualification a totally hands-off process. Trey Tramonte

CEO, Bloomfire

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