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20% discount for annual billing

20% discount for annual billing


Are there any restrictions in searching for or viewing prospect data?

No. Every subscription has full access to each of the millions of records in the Prospect Engine platform. No restrictions in viewing, saving, or searching.

How long is a subscription?

All of our subscriptions are for 12 months.

Do we need to be on Salesforce? Or any specific CRM?

No, you don’t. While integrating with Salesforce adds benefits like prospect scoring, the capability to push data to Salesforce, and real-time Lead Enrichment, Salesforce isn’t needed to view and access prospect data.

Can I see a demo before I sign up?

Absolutely. Click on ‘Request Demo’ and we’d be happy to give you a live demo, share some targeted sample data, and answer any questions.

Is there really no limit to my data access?

If you have the unlimited license, then YES! Unlike most data providers, we are making the data truly unlimited and completely flexible to use.

How long does it take to get started?

Virtually no time at all. No need for set up or integration of any kind.

What happens as my team grows?

You can add new users as you want, when you want.

What is Automatic Lead Enrichment?

See below!

Real-Time Lead Enrichment

Enrich all new incoming leads in Salesforce instantly and automatically.

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