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S&P Global Market Intelligence Signs on with ReIntent

ReIntent, a software company that automatically corrects contact data with real-time information, announced its latest enterprise client in S&P Global Market Intelligence. ReIntent’s solution will be integrated into S&P’s data management process to enhance the quality of contact data. ReIntent’s software will also expedite updates to the millions of C-Level and senior management contacts in S&P Global Market Intelligence’s financial data products.

“S&P Global Market Intelligence clients use their products to make informed business decisions every day, and we are excited to provide our technology to continuously enhance this process for their end-users,” said ReIntent Co-Founder and CEO Mathan Parasuram. “ReIntent is designed to cleanse, correct and enrich contact data at a large scale. This partnership speaks to our technology, and I can’t think of a better use case than working with S&P Global Market Intelligence, a company that’s firmly committed to the quality of its data.”

“We are excited to have entered into this relationship with ReIntent,” said Adam Scanlon, a Senior Director within S&P Global Market Intelligence’s content organization. “Data quality and timeliness are both foundational tenants of our offerings, and ReIntent demonstrated their unique ability to aid in this pursuit through the application of their automation technology.”

This client announcement follows a period of momentum for ReIntent. Recently the company released a new application for CRM and Marketing Automation systems that automatically identifies and corrects contact data changes without any manual intervention. This new application leverages real-time contact information to help companies ensure that sales and marketing teams have access to the most current and comprehensive data.

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We Just Solved Your Sales Team’s Data Problem.

Our purpose for ReIntent was to make accessing high value prospect data dead easy and reliable. We tinkered with a bunch of different ways to solve this, and through some trial and error, are proud to have arrived at our final destination. We’re super excited to announce our new data platform, Prospect Engine.

The value prop for Prospect Engine couldn’t be more compelling – get your team access to all of the accurate prospect data it needs, enjoy flexibility in how you use it, and, most importantly, it won’t break the bank.

Firstly, we’re solving the basic problem many small to mid-size b2b companies have: access accurate, targeted data that doesn’t blow out the budget. Using automated technology to build and maintain our database of 25 million records, we successfully achieved our goal of having extremely accurate data (94% accuracy on random testing).

Secondly, we’re making it super easy to use and access. It integrates easily with CRM systems, companies can easily add many users, and, most importantly, we made data exporting a total non-issue. With our unlimited license, there’s no cap on how many records you’re viewing, downloading to a CSV, or pushing to a third party system. The data is yours to use as you see fit.

Finally, we’re applying modern day technology to not just deliver basic contact data, but to actually predict which prospects are the best fits for you and who you should be selling to first. In a world of purposefully complicated software, we’re making all this predictive stuff super simple and automatic.

From the inception of ReIntent, we approached the prospect data problem like a technology problem. Accurate contact data lived all over the internet, we just had to build the right technology to intelligently gather and maintain it. While building this has taken more time than we expected (doesn’t it always?), the end result is an extremely accurate and very affordable solution.

We think you’ll like it.


ReIntent Launches New SaaS Product for CRM Data Cleansing

ReIntent, an Austin-based technology startup, is announcing the launch of its new SaaS solution that enables cleaning of CRM lead and contact data with complete accuracy. The solution offers turnkey integration with CRM systems and virtually no manual work on the part of the user.

As CRM systems become the place of record for increasingly more lead and customer data, it is often a losing battle to keep all of it accurate and complete. Among Sales and Marketing teams it’s become an accepted part of the job that, without proper oversight, contact data decays rapidly. ReIntent’s mission is to put an end to this problem once and for all.

Once ReIntent is connected to a CRM system, customers will have their entire CRM system’s data cleansed with errors removed, accurate contact data inputted, and fields enriched with new information such as a lead’s title and location. The solution also constantly maintains the data in real-time and alerts users of any changes to a contact’s company or title.

“With ReIntent’s SaaS solution we’re permanently solving the most fundamental challenges salespeople have when reaching out to a prospective client: ‘Do I have the right contact info for this person?’, or ‘Are they still working at this company?’” said ReIntent co-founder Mathan Parasuram. “With ReIntent enabled, these aren’t questions anymore.”

The solution uses advanced machine learning technology to accurately match contacts to their online presence in order to capture their most recent company, title, and location information. Within just a few minutes even an Enterprise-size database will be completely clean and up to date.

ReIntent offers a trial to its solution that includes a free health analysis to show users how many inaccurate and outdated contacts and leads are in their system today and which are the most critical errors to address.

About ReIntent
ReIntent is an Austin-based software company that permanently solves contact data management: Sales always knows where prospects work, what they do, and how to reach them. It automatically manages an entire CRM system’s contact data with complete accuracy, instantly, and using real-time web searches to identify contacts.

We’re solving one simple problem.

Ask someone starting a new business the reason why she’s putting all of her time, money, and effort into getting the venture off the ground and you’ll find an explanation ranging anywhere from a lofty, noble cause to just simple curiosity to plain financial opportunism. When I’m asked the same question about our new company – we’re barely six months old – I find I have a tough time answering the ‘Why?’. As long as I remember I’ve just wanted to start my own business. It’s never really been a question of ‘Why?’;  I just find it fun framing everyday problems into potential business opportunities. Rather, I think the more appropriate question may be ‘What kind of impact are you trying to make?’. Now this is a question that I think is worth spending time answering.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we want to make an impact. A big one. We want to fundamentally change the way marketers work every day. We want to realign marketing’s focus to be less on learning new technologies, less on being technical experts, less on understanding marketing technology trends, less on process, and less on spending millions of dollars on underutilized software. Instead, we want to help marketers spend their time on what they do best: create compelling content, anticipate the pain points of their prospects, make their own solution vital to clients, and be able to announce this all grandly to the world. That is, ReIntent’s mission is to help marketers get back to marketing.

In a letter that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Richard P. Feynman wrote to one of his students, Feynman urges not trying to solve a problem that is “close to the gods”. Instead, he writes, “No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.” A seemingly simple concept, yet a powerful one. The way I like to interpret this is, in solving the small problems that we can confidently solve, we offer the greatest value.

We feel strongly that ReIntent can help Marketing get back to addressing their fundamental goals even better by being hyper-focused in solving just one problem – in our case, the problem of bad data. This can mean something as simple as an incoming lead having an incorrect email address, an incomplete title, or simply not enough data before the lead gets into the hands of a salesperson. A presumably  simple problem, no doubt, but one that if solved can be immensely valuable for every marketing or sales professional in the B2B space.

The problem that ReIntent is seeking to solve isn’t revolutionary. But because there is a real need to solve this problem of bad data, and because I know we can solve it, I am confident that our purpose in addressing this one simple problem can create tremendous value.