ReIntent, an Austin-based technology startup, is announcing the launch of its new SaaS solution that enables cleaning of CRM lead and contact data with complete accuracy. The solution offers turnkey integration with CRM systems and virtually no manual work on the part of the user.

As CRM systems become the place of record for increasingly more lead and customer data, it is often a losing battle to keep all of it accurate and complete. Among Sales and Marketing teams it’s become an accepted part of the job that, without proper oversight, contact data decays rapidly. ReIntent’s mission is to put an end to this problem once and for all.

Once ReIntent is connected to a CRM system, customers will have their entire CRM system’s data cleansed with errors removed, accurate contact data inputted, and fields enriched with new information such as a lead’s title and location. The solution also constantly maintains the data in real-time and alerts users of any changes to a contact’s company or title.

“With ReIntent’s SaaS solution we’re permanently solving the most fundamental challenges salespeople have when reaching out to a prospective client: ‘Do I have the right contact info for this person?’, or ‘Are they still working at this company?’” said ReIntent co-founder Mathan Parasuram. “With ReIntent enabled, these aren’t questions anymore.”

The solution uses advanced machine learning technology to accurately match contacts to their online presence in order to capture their most recent company, title, and location information. Within just a few minutes even an Enterprise-size database will be completely clean and up to date.

ReIntent offers a trial to its solution that includes a free health analysis to show users how many inaccurate and outdated contacts and leads are in their system today and which are the most critical errors to address.

About ReIntent
ReIntent is an Austin-based software company that permanently solves contact data management: Sales always knows where prospects work, what they do, and how to reach them. It automatically manages an entire CRM system’s contact data with complete accuracy, instantly, and using real-time web searches to identify contacts.