Our purpose for ReIntent was to make accessing high value prospect data dead easy and reliable. We tinkered with a bunch of different ways to solve this, and through some trial and error, are proud to have arrived at our final destination. We’re super excited to announce our new data platform, Prospect Engine.

The value prop for Prospect Engine couldn’t be more compelling – get your team access to all of the accurate prospect data it needs, enjoy flexibility in how you use it, and, most importantly, it won’t break the bank.

Firstly, we’re solving the basic problem many small to mid-size b2b companies have: access accurate, targeted data that doesn’t blow out the budget. Using automated technology to build and maintain our database of 25 million records, we successfully achieved our goal of having extremely accurate data (94% accuracy on random testing).

Secondly, we’re making it super easy to use and access. It integrates easily with CRM systems, companies can easily add many users, and, most importantly, we made data exporting a total non-issue. With our unlimited license, there’s no cap on how many records you’re viewing, downloading to a CSV, or pushing to a third party system. The data is yours to use as you see fit.

Finally, we’re applying modern day technology to not just deliver basic contact data, but to actually predict which prospects are the best fits for you and who you should be selling to first. In a world of purposefully complicated software, we’re making all this predictive stuff super simple and automatic.

From the inception of ReIntent, we approached the prospect data problem like a technology problem. Accurate contact data lived all over the internet, we just had to build the right technology to intelligently gather and maintain it. While building this has taken more time than we expected (doesn’t it always?), the end result is an extremely accurate and very affordable solution.

We think you’ll like it.